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An awe inspiring twist on a completely timeless classic. I have Moonlight Sonata and have learned to play it to myself, its a beautiful song and before hearing this, if you would of asked me 'Do you think Moonlight Sonata could be redone? Made more modern sounding? and still sound brilliant?' Id of said no.

But you sir have made me eat my own words =]

10/10, 5/5
Keep up the fantastic work =]

TheMerc responds:

Thanks for the review. Glad you liked the piece. I'm still rifling though my classical music collection to see which song I want to mess with next.

Bloody Hell.

Amazing, I honestly don't know the words to express how great this song really is. Other then as somebody else stated, i couldn't help but get the most vicious and violent images in my head. ;).

Brilliant work, keep it up!
5/5, 10/10

You never cease to amaze.

The song itself is extremely powerful, but the message underlying is even stronger then one can imagine easily. A beautiful and mesmerizing song, with a just as beautiful description of its delivered message within the 'Authors Comments'.

You've done another fantastic job.
I guess its on to lights victory over the darkness yet again hey?

Keep up the great work.
5/5, 10/10

Yet again.

Another brilliant piece of music from you DayDreamingFox. I often too try to imagine myself up in the vast emptiness of space, staring out at the universe around me in all its glory and beauty. Personally the intro sounded a little over the top, a little too "70's Documentary Intro"-ish. But thats nothing more then me being cynical probably.

From 2:21 with the addition of the piano I felt like it was safe to call this perfect. And it manages to capture even my image of what its like up there perfectly.

Very well done.
Keep up the truly inspirational work.
5/5, 10/10.

Also, I feel like its completely safe to say that you have the right to be up there with the pro's like MaestroRage and MilkManDan, some Newground's musicians who I'm sure MANY people on this site have heard of. Maybe even yourself. Keep up the great work and you'll be up there in no time =]

2:21 piano

DayDreamingFox responds:

*snicker* i know, i did the 70's beginning on purpose heeheehee. XD and dont worry, everyone has different tastes. ^_~

If i someday end up there..well... maaaaabeh i should open up the old champagne i have left somewhere. XD World is beautiful. i just paint my imagination of this world, to these songs. ^_~

Thanks for super review!!


Now then, i have a feeling this is going to be a somewhat long review. Heh. Prepare yourself.

I personally believe you fulfilled the mission you tried to complete when you decided to make this, although their are a few things i believe could be done better. First and foremost it is a brilliant and powerful piece.

Firstly, the aura generated at the beginning through to around 1:05 actually had me scared. The darkness created by the song was ever present and it felt like their was no moment for respite. The claps of thunder did especially well to help make the listener feel small, overpowered.

The dark voices as well did great. However, the 2nd voice at 0:33 ruined the dark feeling for me as I could hear the voices strong american accent (sorry if it wasn't american). Thats one thing i would fix. But the other voices sounded much darker, more sinister and were perfect.

Secondly, the texture change at 1:06 was perfect. The gunshot shocking the listener, with the song transforming from a more sinister and scary one into one that overpowered the mind with the feeling of sadness instead. The soft stings making the heart throb along with the sound of the rain. And the occurring claps of thunder reminding you that the world of darkness, and evil is still present. Even during the time of mourning and loss.

Thirdly, at around 4:14 when you begin to hear the birds come in. I loved this, just the addition of the sounds of the birds at this point served as a slight texture change, helping to progress the mood from sad into hopefulness as the song ended peacefully. A reminder that at the end of each day, at the end of each bad time ,there is room to great another great.

All in all, a powerful, moving song. Very powerful with only one minor problem in my mind, not enough to mark it down through in my books. You did a fantastic job. I'm definitely going to write a story to this. Right now, Haha.

Keep up the truly amazing work,
I'd love to hear more from you.
5/5, 10/10.
Downloaded. =]

DayDreamingFox responds:

heh...somewhat ironic i stumble back here to respond to you finally...on a evening i got myself attacked on. i saw your review many times, but now i finally have to Thank you for amazing long review, which kind i've never seen before.

Interesting to come back to my own song, when the feelings i hold now are what i somedays back then, placed to a song before.

thank you very much for great review, i've read it many times!

LOL ^-^

Seems to me like instead of trying to induce a calm and sleepy feeling upon your listeners. This time you've tried to make them happy and cheerful instead! And by my guess at least, its working.

Magnificent piece!
Has really got me smiling =]

5/5, 10/10
Downloaded :P
(I really cant help but rate all your music as 5/5, 10/10. Its just brilliant :P)

Keep Up The Great Work!

Once again.

You have captured me completely and amazed me by how beautiful simply listening to something can make it. Sometimes a song will ruin and overpower the natural sounds behind it, or vice versa. But I think you've got that practically perfect.

I feel like I'm going to write some stories along to your music, I think i'll send them to you when i've finished. 'Cause I know you like to see what your music does for people!

But for in the meantime, keep up the brilliant work and keep on captivating the minds of your listeners. Oh and also, as your this good at ambience and softness. It could be an interesting challenge for you to try your skills at more violent battle-like songs. Just a suggestion =]

But anyway, Keep up the great work!
5/5, 10/10.
Downloaded =]


Is what really prevails when you listen to this song. The soothing melody and the background full of rain, thunder and even birds chirping enchants the listener completely. I feel lifted of my feet and like I'm flying while listening to this.

Usually the peace within a song can bore some after a while, but i think the occasional claps of thunder within the song help to really hold you interest. Not to make the listener jump, instead to make them pay careful attention and respect the beauty trapped within this song, both in musical and more natural tones.

You have my download for definite.
I can see myself listening to this a lot in troubled times.
5/5, 10/10.
Keep up the fantastic work!


Very nice, calming track! The softness of the tune brings you into it slowly and the panning actually grabs your attention and holds you in for longer. By the time the drums came in i was completely sold. The panning especially was great, in fact personally I think the panning was perfect.

A very powerful and mesmerizing song! Definitely has my download. =]
Keep up the great work =]

VERY Strange Indeed.

I've got to say this is a very interesting and odd piece indeed. At first when i started listening I thought 'Alright, this is some kind of electronic song. Nice use of beats and the like' and the next thing I know my minds been babbled by a texture change.
And somehow it fit amazingly well? This was then followed up by Texture change after Texture change where the only thing that was kept the same being the acoustic guitar.

There's plenty of room for improvement but still!
Very nice and strange piece.
Keep up the good work =].

Im 15. Im an artist/designer. im also a singer in a comedy band called Sonic Toast. im interested in making some flash/music for here. but i dont have mx or any music programs. anybody know any good music programs for a beginner? message me. ttyl

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